Proof Facts

Quick Setup
Extremely quick setup of suture within 25 seconds.
Proof video (9.1MB)

medium bobbin Various bobine (spool) sizes
Using spacers the unrolling unit can be adapted for a wide range of small and large spools.
4 edge cutting

Oblique cutting
Choose the cutting angle, it can be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees.
four edge cutting   four edge cutting   four edge cutting   four edge cutting
Please note: The nicest cut will always be at 0 degrees. However angled cutting makes it easier to insert the suture into the needle hole.

Through the 4 edges the suture keeps its round shape and does not flatten (no crunching).

Super sharp knife with extrem long life expectancy (we guarantee 5 million cuts of stiffened PGA).

Proof video (8.9MB)

electrical supply

International design

  • international electrical supply 100-240V
  • can be connected to a normal plug (110V: 6.3A, 230V: 3A)

Very low air consumption

  • very little air consumption
  • air pressure is not a critical manufacturing parameter, variations in the supply network (6-8 bar) are of no effect to suture quality
  • feeding out of used air for 10'000 clean room with a "damper" far silent air outflow

No setup-screws
All critical movements are homeed with physical limits (stiffening and length) to enjure constant quality independant of disadjustement and wear. The machine has no setup-screws!

Tipping quality
  • contineously same tipping diameter
  • same diameter of suture
  • thinning of suture tip possible (not for all suture types feaseable) up to 10% (polyester)
  • active diameter control
The speed of the machine is about 8 sutures per minute.
We also produce a high speed machine with 12 sutures/minute. See pamphlet.

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