Maintenance-free machine cuts and tips polymer sutures
Our new suture-cutting and -tipping machine can be used for most polymer sutures, including absorbable polyglycol acid, polyester, and polyethylene products. In order to avoid blooming, the machine seals the suture ends. The machine is designed to avoid flattening the suture so that the end keeps its circular shape. Neither additives nor glue are needed, making the device maintenance free.

Additional features included in the standard design include oblique cutting; knot detection; removal of insecure, stiffened suture tips; and active control of suture diameter at the stiffening area. The stainless steel case surrounding the cutter prevents dust and airflow from entering the sealing and cutting unit. The process ensures that tight tolerances are met, maintaining suture cleanliness.

The device also cuts supple monofilaments. The equipment's operating speed is higher with monofilaments than with braided sutures.


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